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Let them eat (free) cake

June 24, 2008

Free Cake = GoodCutting the Free CakeAs a part of my ongoing promise to answer – to the best of my ability – questions from readers of BBB, I’m taking on the first question: “So how do I get some free cake?” 

There are many options when it comes to an affordable cake.  First – do not DO NOT go to any cake-maker where you have to make an appointment.  There’s no way making that choice will help keep you within your beer budget.  Like I said, there are options…all of which I promise to talk about on this website. 

But we want to know how to get a free wedding cake.  It’s easy.  You poll your friends and family to see who knows how to bake a cake – and is willing to make that their wedding present to you.  A cake, even at a grocery store, can run up a pretty high price tag…but if your friend deals with it, it’s no problem!

This isn’t just about the budget – let’s think about how to add a touch of class to this.  So your relative/friend is going to stand in a hot kitchen mixing and pouring and baking your wedding cake to perfection.  If you’re a really good person, they’ll even ice it.  They’re doing all this work – what can you do to make their life easier?  You buy the supplies.  You buy the decorations that will make the cake look fancy.  They do the work. 

Attached is a real-life example of a friend-made cake.  The bride purchased the pans, the flour, sugar, icing, etc.  The bride purchased the crystals and the stand and all of the pretty stuff.  What did the friend do?  Spend 8 hours baking a very special wedding present that every one could enjoy.