Stick to your guns

July 11, 2008
Stay firm on your choices...even in last-minute sitautions

Stay firm on your choices...even in last-minute sitautions

There are so many choices for brides…at least the choice in a husband is taken care of.  Where to get married?  What are my colors? Flowers? Dresses? Jewelry? Food?  Shoes? How many guests? The list goes on.  The thing to remember, and this is especially important for a BBB: make your decision and stick with it. 

After you figure out how much you can spend, figure out how many people you plan on inviting.  Remember, in most cases only half of the people you invite will actually attend.  If you want 50, invite 100.  You get the point.  What this could mean is that some people may be left out.  That is the unfortunate, or fortunate, part about having a beer budget wedding. 

For family this can be hard.  Say you or your husband-to-be has a large family.  There has to be some sort of limit.  For example, setting limits on how extended the family tree can go.  No great aunts/uncles, no cousins, no third cousins twice removed.  Whatever it is, stick to it.  My advice on getting around hurt feelings…have a party (smaller party) for people who couldn’t make it!  Call it a BBQ reception, a holiday wedding party.  Whatever…don’t step on toes because that’s tacky.  But do be firm. Don’t let your almost mother-in-law convince you that her second cousin’s sister’s daughter has to attend your wedding because she went to hers. 

Pick your color for bridesmaids dresses, table cloths and flowers.  Do not change this color, it will make things difficult.  Besides, your first instinct is the right one.


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