It’s all about the presentation

June 27, 2008

Mashed potato martini = Beer budget + champagne tasteAh, the reception.  There are many moving parts to this.  But like a meal, let’s start with the appetizers.  (We’ll get into caterers much more in future posts – promise.)  Do you want cold? Hot? Serve yourself? Hand-passed?  None at all?  First of all, for the champagne taste for a BBB, you have to have appetizers.  Remember now – you can have very simple appetizers…just make them look really nice.

Here’s a tip I love that was passed on to me from a friend.  Have a mashed potato martini bar for part of your appetizers.  Now, this may sound weird, but I promise – your guests will love it.  Either work with your caterer, or find a nice volunteer, to whip up some potatoes (no flakes!).  Display them in a chrome/stainless steel chafer (which you can either buy or rent…we’ll go into renting vs. buying soon).  In a smaller chafer, have gravy. 

Then in bowls, display grated cheese, ham, sour cream, chives – you get the point.  And here’s the kicker – have martini glasses as the serving dish.  The martini glass is the fun twist that makes the packaging of this very simple dish work.  There’s something very fun – almost childlike – about making your own mashed potato martini creation.  Chances are, they’ll have more than one!


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