Beer Budget Bride Beginnings

June 23, 2008

So why build a Beer Budget Bride site?  First of all – how many resources do brides planning a wedding have?  Too many.  All of that mumble jumble can be confusing, overwhelming and expensive.  My job is to make sure you can see through that mess and still pull off an event folks will talk about for years.  I’ll include advice on everything from the tiny details of how to buy jewelry to the big picture of keeping your special day in perspective and what it all should mean.  I was a bride.  I’ve been to dozens of weddings.  I currently shoot video for weddings in a major metropolitan area on the East Coast – so I can tell you what the vendors think (and charge).  My name is Katie.  I’ll be your Beer Budget Bride Guide – please enjoy the tour.



  1. What a great idea. I want to know how to get a free cake.

  2. Forget about cake, I want more of the mashed potato martinis!

  3. What a great idea Katie!
    This is the kind of thing that the press will pick up on (fingers crossed!).
    What a way to make a name for yourself.
    Best wishes for success.

  4. Who is that with the handsome chin in pearly whites?

  5. Lookin’ good. Alas, I’m fated to always be a Beer budget bachelor/brides maid, never a beer budget bride/groom.

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